It's Party Time: Halloween Savings for Everyone

As an event planner the average American will spend around 300.00 for an in- house Halloween party, that price is very steep, however we will  give you a guide to plan the perfect party for 8 children age range from 5- teens that would fit any budget. We were able to plan, and shop for a party of 8 children and 4 adults for under half the cost of one party.

Before You Go Shopping!  Assess your pantry what staples do you have that you don’t need to buy, such as eggs, cooking oil, ketchup, BBQ Sauce, muffin tins and cookie sheets. Now that you done the initial check create a menu, children are developing taste buds so think simple. Also, during the fall and winter months, prices on premade frozen pizza, chicken tenders and wings tend to be priced at their highest because of game nights, with that in mind we decided to make everything! This cut our food bill down to 75 percent. Also, please keep in mind our menu is as allergen free as possible, in term of nuts and our pepperoni is Turkey, so everyone can have something.
Our Menu:
Oven Baked Chicken Fingers- Homemade  and French Fries                                    
Pizzas- Cheese and Pepperoni                                                                                        
Chips and Salsa--Homemade Chips
Condiments: Individual Packets of Ranch                                                                                           
Drinks: Wal- Mart had Snapple One Gallon Drinks for $1.00 each we bought 10   
* Key Notes:
  • When making chicken fingers you don't need and egg wash on your chicken you can lightly coat them in Itlaian Bread crumbs and bake them at 400 degrees for 20 minutes the chicken comes out very crispy. We baked the chicken fingers and the French Fries at the same time at it came out the same.
  • Chips are at their highest because of game nights, etc. we bought a package of small 25 soft tortillas and coated them in olive oil, and baked them at 400 degrees for 15 min.  The chips were crispy and didn't need any salt, salt in the bread. The salsa was 2.99 each which was the cheapest. Our chips yielded three servings per child, if you were to buy one bag of tortilla chips at 2.00 each at 8 ounces that is one serving for three children.
Total Food Costs: $53.00

Paper Goods and Decorations:  If you are tempted to go to Party City, or online at Oriental Trading Supply, stop read this!
Wal-Mart predicts a 3rd and 4th Quarter loss and many stores are overstocked, meaning the merchandise isn’t moving, and all seasonal items are being sold at deep discount. This is true we bought all our paper goods and decorations at Wal- Mart, which were all .97 cents the most expensive item was a cupcake stand at $4.95.
*Key Note:
  • If you don't find exactly what you need in the seasonal aisle, then go to the generic Party Supply aisle, they have the same merchandise and the same discounted prices. Also, if you find that you like a particular item but it may be missing a battery cover etc., then ask the manager if you can purchase it at 50 percent off, we were able to get two centerpieces that were originally $25.00 a piece for $2.00 each and all it needed was a battery backing.

Cups (Black) 12 count were .97 cents x 3= 36 cups for 6 to 8 kids                                  
Napkins: 20 count at .97 cents
Tablecloths: 2 at .97 cents                                                                                                
Garland: 1.95

Plates: 12 count per packet at .97 cents per packet (5)                                                   
Centerpieces 2.00 each x 2
Candy Buckets:  5 Quart Buckets $1.00 each 2 buckets                                                  
Takeout Containers: 1.25 x 12
Cutlery packets knives, spoons and forks – 24 pieces in total : 97 cents -2 packs         
Cupcake Stand- 4.95
Goodie Bags: 2 packs of 12 for .97 cents each

Total Paper Goods and Decorations: $37.50

Sweet Treats:
This also could have cost us over $50.00 easy, however the outer parameters of Wal- Mart has the candy with the deepest discounts, so we were able to buy over 175 pieces of candy for $14.00-- One 100 piece bag with all the chocolate favorites and another with lollipops, gummy fish, dots,etc.
We check our online coupons for that week, no sales on cake batter needed to make cupcakes, however we live in an area where there are 5 supermarkets, one supermarket had dollar days! Cake batter was included!

Cupcakes:  4 boxes of cake batter/cupcake mix was $4.00 2 chocolate, 2 vanilla- I box yields 24 cupcakes!
Frosting was1.50 each                                                                                                                        
Cupcake Decorations: Halloween Sprinkles at 2.95    
Caramel Apples: 6lbs. of Granny Smith Apples:6.00
Carmel Dipping Sauce: 3.50
Cupcake Liners: 1.50 for 24                                                                                                                          
Chocolate Chip Cookies:
2 Packets of Premade Chocolate Chip Cookies: 2.50 per pack 24 cookies each

Total Amount: Spent on Sweet Treats: 39.00
Chaperone and Parenting Tip! Put out the sweet treat towards the end of the party, when parents are coming to pick up their children, this way you can give a parting of gift to child and you and your team wouldn't have to deal with 8 sugar high children.

No matter the age two things always go well, Pumpkin Painting and Musical Chairs
8 Pumpkins at 1.99 each for 16.00
Painting Supplies already bought from Back to School Sale

Total Amount on Activities: $16.00

Grand Total: $144.00, which is one half of a regular party.

Cheers to an Affordable and Great Halloween Party!

Stay Tuned when we go Country Glam for Thanksgiving


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