Sweet Sixteen Guide

How do you cope when your child asks you for a Party, that costs more than 5 weddings?

As we do in business manage "expectations."
1. Tell your child that if they would like to go on vacations, have extra curricula activities, live in a home, and eat then they you and her father is not going have to provide them with that kind of party, because it would take up all of that budget.

2. Set a limit for your children in terms of invitations.
If your home can only accommodate 10- 20 teens comfortably, tell them to think hard about their favorite friends--who you haven't bullied them, who they are not trying to buy friendships from, and who you and husband believe after the party is over would still be her/his friend.
They would come back with a realistic guest list of about 5-10 friends.

3. When you approve of the guest list, then you can pick out nice invitations-- Papyrus, Vista Print have excellent invitations for under $35.00 for 20 invites.

4. Have them select a theme--most kids are into movies, fashion, sports and make-up, cooking, etc.
Most kids want all eyes on them for that day, so make them feel like a star.
Even if you do have a home party, allow your child to make a grand entrance by planning a surprise party.
Through Amazon.com you can order red carpet runners, mini- Oscar statues, a back drop for official "step and repeats." You can take the back drop to a local printing place and have the Happy Sweet Sixteen printed on the back drop.
The red carpet runners you have going up the stairs to your home and on the sidewalk in front of your home, as the teens arrive have family friends act like paparazzi with cameras and call each child's name.
Of course your child gets the royal entrance with her/his favorite music playing as they enter the house.

5. Menu:
Teens like simple things, so have cheese/ plain burger sliders, BBQ chicken wings, mini-mac and cheese served in ramekins, baked fries served in paper cones and veggie pizzas for the vegetarians and those kids who have allergies--always ask the parents if their child has any dietary restrictions.

6. Music:
Instead of a DJ have a play list with their favorite songs, instead of a DJ.

7. Activities:
Have a family member do an "appearance" as a favorite star, and have a sing long. This is so funny and teens really would have a good time. And have a "Name that Star/Song" trivia contest, where the winners get special prizes-- if the trivia question is a sport star then give out a poster of that sports star, also if its a Singer--if out an itune prize of that favorite singer's newest album, you get the picture. Use points from your credit card or bank card for the prizes.

8. Main Toast:
You and Your Husband should toast the guest of honor and how proud you are of her/him and how this is the beginning of good things to come. The toast should be Sparkling Apple Cider in Champagne glasses (plastic) for the guests. Your home should be alcohol, drug, and sex free for the entire duration of the party, don't want to open up Pandora's box in YOUR home.

9. Sweet Treats:
Every teen loves three things chocolate-chip cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. All that fancy stuff is for us adults.
1. My favorite mixes for this are Gihardelli for Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies.
2. My favorite Vanilla mix is Pillsbury Vanilla Cake Mix with pudding in the mix. Excellent mixes!
3. Regular Cream Cheese Frosting--with Sweet Sixteen picks and edible gold flakes from Michael's for the cupcakes.
4. Buy Cupcake Boxes from Michael's, so the kids can take home with them or else you will look at 50 cupcakes all week.
5. Buy your child's specialty cake from your local baker.

10. Gift Bags:
It is proper etiquette when someone comes to your home for you to give them a parting gift.
But they are teens and you shouldn't give them anything over $25.00.
Mini-Nail polishes from Sephora that comes in sets and nail decals, go to the store tell them what you need and your budget they will be extremely helpful and give you the mini-bags and tissue paper to go with it, plus you can earn points for yourself, as you buy for them.
Key chains to the sports teams in your community and gift cards to the movies. AMC has wonderful gift card offers.
Every child gets a mini- Oscar statuette for being a "star"-- with their name written on it use a gold pen from Target to have this done.
(You never know what maybe going on in child's life, no matter the income bracket and this would do wonders for any child's self- esteem.)

Always, use your debit card as payment but put it in as credit so you can earn points, or if you do use credit use a credit card that you get cash back.

Cheers to an elegant Sweet Sixteen, that is full of fun and surprises your child will love without breaking the bank.

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