Treats for YOUR MAN!

Last month we looked at taking care of ourselves and truly honoring who we are as women.

However, if you are blessed to have a soul mate, then you should treat him as well.

Here are a few items that would make him smile:

1. Bespoke Post Box:
He is tired of you getting your MUST HAVE Boxes, so the men at Bespoke Post, curates wonderful boxes that the man in your life will love.

2. Gift Certificate to the Art of Shaving:
The Art of Shaving are the masters of the clean old fashion shave with hot towels and the whole nine.

3. Burlesque Show:
You can create for him a private burlesque show, that will not be filmed or be placed on twitter, etc.
This way after your performance he can take the pasties off himself!

4. If your guy is into sports then, a free weekend where he can watch all the sports uninterrupted.

5. A free day of not counting calories and treat him to a "Mad Men" meal of a porterhouse steak, mashed potato's, green beans, a dirty Martini, and Apple Pie al- a mode.

6. A renewal of your household pledge not to talk about anything negative-- no nagging or complaining.

Cheers to a little MAN pampering!!

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