10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight for Summer

Beach season is 59 days away!

Here are some helpful tips that are super easy to get you swimsuit ready!

1. Substitute Greek Yogurt for mayo, sour cream, potato salad, Cole slaw, dips and tartar sauce tastes great with this substitute.

2. Substitute Ground Turkey for Ground Beef- If you use the right seasonings no one would ever know.

3. Substitute Dry Beans for Can Beans-  Soak dry beans overnight and prepare according to recipes, can beans have tons of sodium, that cause water retention.

4. Substitute fruit for a cupcake or a piece of chocolate.

5. Substitute a dill pickle for potato chips, dill pickles are lower in sodium and fat and calories.

6. Substitute mustard for ketchup, mustard has zero fat.

7. Substitute brown rice for white rice.

8. Substitute a salad for a hot appetizer.

9. Substitute a vinaigrette for a cream based dressing.

10. Bake instead of frying, if you bake fries at 425 it actually comes out crispier than if you deep fat fry.

11. Dilute all juices and juice drinks with water.

Cheers to looking Sexy this Summer!


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