Aging Gracefully

Now teens are getting plastic surgery,society has given women the notion that they would never age, so long as we can nip//tuck we will be OK.

However, there will come a time when many of us, simply can't do the things that we need or should do for ourselves. I know as I am writing this article, with a broken toe, I was told to stay off of it for a month, yes I am young, but there are simple things that I have to ask someone to do for me.

Which leads me to the question: How can we age graceful?

We can age gracefully by admitting that there will be certain times we need help. I have found these services to be helpful:
1. This is an online service, where people are carefully background checked, who would come and do errands, such as hang a picture, go to the post office,pick up dry cleaning, and if you were in the middle of Spring Cleaning when I injured myself, they will even have people assist you in Spring Cleaning.

2. Transportation- I still need to get to my doctor's appointments, so check with the your medical insurance to see if they provide transportation services, if you become injured through no fault of your own.

3. Beauty- Ask your hair stylist on their day off, if they can pay you a house call, if you can't get around, getting your hair done is considered part of hygiene, so don't neglect that aspect of your life.

4. Groceries- Many grocery stores do deliver such as, for dry ingredients and cleaning supplies.

5. Cleaning Services- I love Molly Maid Home Cleaning services, they are fast efficient and have a set price, also if you are allergenic to certain products, provide them with your own- Method is my brand of choice.

6. Childcare- Thank goodness I do not have children, but enlist all of your relatives,  nannies, religious community members, of course people you trust to ease in this burden, from picking up from school, to homework help, it does take a village to raise a child.

7. Limit Visitors- Many people would want to come see you if you aren't well, but truth is your energy level is greatly diminished, so politely decline and limit telephone usage, also avoid any conflicts when you are sick your mind is focused on the healing process, so you need your energy to be focused on getting well, anyone who doesn't understand that, then they don't need to be in your life!

So, in essence, it is not about how facials, or botox we need, but to age graceful is simply be willing to accept the help that you need, when you need.

Cheers to aging graceful!


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