Getting Your Summer Home Ready

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer exodus out of main cities.

If you are on the East Coast, everyone is flocking to the Hamptons, Fire Island, Vermont, Martha's Vineyard, or New Hampshire. If you are on the West Coast, its Nappa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Vancouver, Canada.

So, now is the time to get those summer homes ready!

Now is the time to call your groundskeeper and have them check on the indoor plumbing, water pressure, heating, and time to keep your property in tip/top shape for the summer. Also, you should visit the grounds just to make certain things are followed up on and if you even need a coat of paint either inside or outside.

Then, it is time to make the summer calendar, who do you plan to visit and when? and Who needs to visit? Make certain you send invitations to your gatherings at least a month in advance. Downtime, your summer home isn't a hotel, so you should have a few weekends that you and your family are just enjoying each other.

Now is the time to take advantage on sales on:
1. Home Goods- Maybe you want to pick up throw pillows in different colors, or different color place mats and table settings.
2. Linens- Always invest in new linens every year, start of something new and fresh.
3. Food- Make the BJ's run two days before you go out of town, load up on paper goods, snacks for the kids, meats, if your home is near a place that has a organic vegetable and fruit stand, wait until you get there to for those items. Also, bring those box mixes, remember our recipes for decadent box desserts? for dinner parties.

Party Time:
If you are planning to have a party, invest in a reputable, good, local caterer. Make certain everything is spelled out as to when the are to start prep, service, and clean up. Also, have an active say about the menu, especially if you have guests that have allergies.

Now is the time for the kids to wake up at 11:00am and go to the beach and just have fun. So, enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the summer!

Cheers to a great Summer Home!

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