Healing: Survivor to Surivivor

As I look at all the headlines from the Boston Marathon, terror attack, which brings me to own experiences as a 9-11 survivor.

These are my experiences and people should seek medical attention immediately.

 It is OK to cry, to be angry, and to question God. It is also OK to talk about the incident as much or as little as possible.

Even if you haven't sustained any major physical injuries, many news reports feature people with missing limbs, and the loss of life.

However,  you may experience headaches my injuries manifested itself in different ways. I had, flashbacks for 3 years,  I spent days of crying, not wanting to be left alone, not wanting to go out or going out then calling loved ones when I got to my destination. This is all normal, I went through it, it is a a part of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

There are also physical ailments, I experienced disorientation, confusion, my ability to process complex information was stifled, I went from doing derivatives to re- learning how to count to 10, and to learn how to write simple sentences. My behavior was childlike, I learned once the brain has trauma to it, it reverts back to is comfortable and familiar.

Thank goodness I am healed from these dark days, but it did take me ten years to make a full recovery.

Thank goodness our mental health system, we now have trained specialist in PSTD, Anxiety as it relates to trauma, neurologist who are trained in head trauma as it relates to PSTD, physical and occupational therapist.

Please seek out any and all help necessary, and know that you are not alone. It does get better with time and with help.

I stand with you and pray that your healing is quick and that you are filled with hope and positivity.

In Solidarity,

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