Mother's Day- Tea's, Brunches, and Dinners

When it is May, then it is time for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Tea:
If you are in a new relationship 6 months or more and he has introduced you to his mother, then don't expect an invitation to family's Mother's Day gathering. Instead you can his mother over your place or meet at a nice hotel the Saturday before Mother's Day for tea, a gift of a nice scarve from a Musuem Gift Shop is appropriate. If you give an expensive gift it comes across as you are trying too hard.

Mother's Day Brunch:
This for your mother if you have sisters and are in relationship longer than a year you can invite your significant other's mother. You can go out for brunch or if you feel comfortable showing off your culinary chops, here's a suggested menu:
1. Fresh Fruit, Granola, and Greek Yogurt Parfait
2. My Famous Friatta's one with Breakfast Meats and the other with Veggies
3. Fresh Muffins or Biscuits- Muffins you can get Blueberry Muffin Mixes make two boxes at once for volume and use fresh blueberries, orange zest, and fresh vanilla.
4. Sparkling Wine- Cava or Procesco
5. Sparkling Apple Cider
6. Dessert- Everyone bring something

Mother's Day Dinner: After 4pm
This is for everyone- Engaged or Married/ Both families
On this occassion you need to have a major protein as the main course, I would suggest turkey because everyone can eat this plus, it is kid friendly, however DO NOT BRINE the turkey! Use a blend of fresh herbs such as sage, parsley, garlic, green bell peppers and blend into a paste and coat the turkey for at least 48 hours before roasting.

If someone wants to offer to bring a side dish such as mashed potato's, green beans, let them. Everyone else should bring either a dessert or wine.

The best biscuits, I have ever tasted was the 72 layer biscuit you can get from Excellent quality for the price!

Cheers to celebrating Mother's Day for everyone!


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