Tribute to the Masters of a Great Quote

We are certain that we have heard the quote "When people show you themselves, believe them the first time." that quote came from the great Maya Angelou, who told Oprah Winfrey, who made the quote famous

Someone asked me how can they apply that quote to get the full benefit.

I could only relate it to myself:

1.Listen to People When They Speak!
 When meeting new people or reconnecting with family members and friends, I have discovered that people will tell you about themselves, within the first 15 min. of a conversation. A few years ago I had someone tell me that she slept with her best friend's ex-boyfriend and wanted my take on it: I told her, there are many men out there and I wouldn't pick up any one's trash, especially if it was was someone so close to me. 

I thought about it, if this person would do this to her best friend, whom she use spend vacations, shopping, etc. then what it God's name would she do to me if given the chance. So, she "showed" herself- she doesn't care about any one's feelings and if she believes she is entitled to something, she is going to help herself without regards to anyone feelings. Turns out that she also does this business, so when she was able to assist me and didn't, I wasn't surprised because she showed me her to be true.

2. Observe People
I went to this talk, to get inspiration for another writing project and I expected the speaker to be extremely arrogant because he won 8 Academy Awards and is dating an A- list actress. However, he was the most amazingly humble person, you could meet, he never "name dropped", and he was so in love with his craft that he openly sharing his experiences and expertise. Because of his humility, I was able to get more than inspiration, I was able to come from the talk with a complete fleshed out project with score for my film. Believe people when they show you themselves- positive side.

3. Actions Speak Louder than Words
Anyone ever tell you " Call me anytime, I'll be there for you." And when you take them up on their offer they tell " Write in a journal, or call the prayer line." Or when you are on a first date with someone if they checking out the waitress, or constantly checking their mobile devices, chances are they don't value you and if you were to get in a relationship with them, they wouldn't be there for you. Again, actions speak louder than words.

So, the next time you hear someone tell you "When some shows you, themselves believe them the first time, think of my examples.

Cheers to healthy relationships!


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