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Subscription Box Review: VINE OH !

We are moving away from beauty subscription boxes for a minute to look at lifestyle boxes.

The lifestyle box that is geared towards women is called actually takes women's love specifically for wine and pairs them with lifestyle products.

We actually became aware of this subscription box through participating in a survey for the brand.

Here is what we love about the box:

1. You have a choice between all reds, all  whites, and a mix, the quarterly subscription costs 59.95, however you can choose a one time gift in between quarters.

2. The ordering between quarters is great because during the summer months when you have out of town guests or people, going to BBQ's people you are more apt to serve or bring a bottle of wine.

3. This is the aspect that will keep them in business: They have a box, where you items that are specifically geared for women. In this box we received Dana Herbert earrings, Mixture of bath products, Govino 16 oz. Wine Glasses in a 2 Pack, a hu…

Thanks again to Our Sponsors for a great night.

On the outside many people may look at a person with all the trappings of success and say man, I want what she has or us doing.Over 5 years when I started Positivexpert Blog it was just a dream to provide people with information that was not filled with gossip, negative news, or complaining about something I had no control over.Tonight's event is 5 years of service to our audience and the biggest gratitude note to our readers and other people who supported me  either by reading the blog, inviting me to events, encouraging me to stay strong while I was taking care of my late father. Thanks again to Athleta who promotes women fitness,  but personal care, and ensures that all women are not only dressed in the best athlesisure and Fitness clothing, but they are a large company that promotes sustainable fashion, recycling among their clothing bags and are safe spaces where women  can come in and take a  class or just chill out.Thanks again to Our Sponsors who saw our vision in shifting…

Our First Event: Healthy Happy Hour at Athleta June 23, 2017

Yes we are holding our first event after 5 years of blogging, product testing, foodie Friday's, the Beauty Spot, Charity Spotlight, etc...

We are celebrating Happy Hour but with a twist, it is a Healthy Happy Hour at Athleta where you can taste awesome healthy treats, shop, gift bags and giveaways will be given through out the event.

Thanks to our host our snack sponsors,,, and for providing us with delicious and healthy snacks.

We will have gift bags and giveaways throughout the night but, you have to register first at

as always....CHEERS!

Save The Date: Positivexpert Hosts Healthy Happy Hour at Athleta

Hello Positive Peeps!

We finally are taking our show on the road.

We are hosting a Healthy Happy Hour with Amazing Networking for Women. Here are the deets...

Healthy Happy Hour

Location: Athleta Flat Iron Store

126 5th Ave.

18th Street and 5th Ave.

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Happy Hour with healthy treats from Noosa Yoghurt, Bare Snacks and more...
Beauty Tips..

Let us help you pick out your next summer dress, from Athleta's Athleisure collection.

First 50 guests will receive an awesome swag bag.

Official registration will open June 1....

Subscribtion Box Battles: Fab Fit Fun vs. Target- Natural and Regular

Back to battle:

Fab Fit Fun has been in the subscription boxing arena for years!

But, it underwent some major management changes, however we decided to give it a try again.

Fab Fit Fun-- is a quarterly box and it is filled with amazing things:
All of their products are not samples!
They had products such as wraps for the bed or picnic blanket, earrings, full size product of Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion, Karua face masks four in a box, and a MILLY bag for your wet suit, all of these products retail well over 45.00 each.

Target Box--
This month Target tried something new and put together an all natural box and a regular box.

Target has an all natural box which has samples of Espom Salt Soak, Raw Sugar Body Wash, Yes to Charcoal Face Mask, Hello Toothpaste, etc.

Target's regular box has products such has  full size Sally Hansen nail enamel top coat and base, full size Rimmel London Eye Pencil, and mini shampoo's, etc.

The combination costs of both boxes were 47.00, but the actual dollar va…

Frugality Alert: Spring/Summer Fun Tips

Spring and Summer is upon us as the temps in NYC are trying to latch on to the 60's, so desperately.

Here is how you can take advantage of all the great spring and summer events in NYC.


There are tons of free concerts, but you have to arise a little bit early!

The is known for there free summer concerts and the first artist up is Cheryl Crow!!

There is also for there free outdoor concerts which last year was pretty amazing.

So you aren't into waking up early, but this is a great way to send your out of town guests into the city and they come back early in time for a great dinner.

Health and Fitness:

We discovered that at Samsung 837 store there are free Yoga classes that you can take on weekends.

Also the Highline great outdoor activities including free Yoga as well.

Bryant Park has a group yoga class as well and mats are free.

Day Getaways:

So you decided on a staycation, that's fine check the MTA- LIRR for there rates on One Day Getaway…

Prepping for Summer with items for Playdates, Spring Cleaning and House Guests

We were in Target just the other day and looking through the 1.00 to 3.00 bins and what did we find???

We found all 1.00 Dr. Seuss playing card decks for the kids we found erasers, pencils, stickers, sticker books, and bags to match the theme of the party. Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish things perfect for a child's party or summer play date with the kids. Newer items such as Finding Dory, Trolls were 3.00 but they are still new for kids. The standards such as  Elsa from Frozen, Batman, Stars Wars and also in the 1.00 bin and of course all of these items were authentic, Target only is allowed to sell licensed products from Disney and certain authors.

Even mini cans of play dough were .99 cents and dig in the back of aisles and what did we find authentic Hot Cars for .90 cents each and packs of 4 were 4.00, so if your kids are having play dates this summer bring along a gift bag of goodies one for your child and the other and watch them have loads of fun.

The total on everything…

The Beauty Spot : Clean Beauty

Were back!!!

Spring is here, spring is here! That is our mantra around here while we were once again shoveling snow!

But, we went a shopping!

We are trying as many all natural beauty products so here are our finds:

Skincare: This is an 98 percent all natural brand that was part of the The View segment Oprah Magazine Edition. We bought Blood Orange and Grapefruit body lotion, the scent is amazing and it is so moisturizing, there is a Orange and Honey Mask we snagged two, and a Cucumber and Honey Shower Gel, which rinses off so clean without drying.

Body care:
All natural lavender deodorant, we heard so much about the high levels of metals in our deodorant so we gave it a try and I must say it does do wonders. It smells very good and it beats out some of your higher end all natural deodorant products. We bought two at and it 13.00 for two.

Perfume Oils:
This is the next major thing!

We have a floral patchouli from Mave and it was okay, scent di…

Beauty Spot: Clarins Review

So, I tried the full suite of skin care products from and this is what I found to be true about the product.

Clarins was actually founded back in World War I by a French physician who use to treat injured soilders. The formula worked so well that it was used by French women for their beauty needs.

You may need this bit of trivia when you audition for Jeopardy, ya never know.

Back to the product review:

1. Cotton Seed Daily Face Wash:
I use this twice a day night and morning, and what I love about it is that it leaves my face soft without a residue, it is a natural softness and supple feeling that is great.

2.  Face Oil:
I was given a sample of their face oil in Blue Orchid and it was very light, and it healed a dry patch of my skin immediately, with out clogging my pores.

3. Extra- Firming Mask:
This was another sample and I put a little on and waited for 10 min. the results left my skin feeling great again. I did the mask twice a week as instructed and again the results w…

Glam for Less: How to Look and Feel Great for Less

Many on the outside who look at me say wow, she has some big bucks!!

In reality I just know how to bargain hunt really well, with the exception of a few things.

These are my tried and true tips for looking your best and getting the maxium experiences out of life.

1. When updating your wardrobe look for jeans that are on trend but have a BOGO sale, the wide jean and culottes are big this year so so I got two pairs of jeans for the price of one.

2. Haircare: If you go to your local salon ask when there weekly specials are, same if you go to a local place for waxing needs. Chain hair salons such as or waxing chains have a point system, so if you are regular ask how many points do you have or need for braiding or an updo, they will give you points even if you buy products.

3. Samples: You heard about a product you really love, but you aren't sure if it will work on skin or perfume is for you, then go to and ask for a sample the samples are fre…

The Beauty Spot: Spring Break : Part 1

Greetings Positive Peeps!

This edition of the Beauty Spot, we have tried some awesome products and this is what we think is going to be hot for Spring, but we have to bring it to you it doses.

Pastel Color Eyeliners:
We picked this up at in a Teal Pearl, which is great because you don't need any other eyeshadow when wearing this, it is just that great!

Eyeko Brand which is famous for there eyeliner but has a great mascara gives a lot of lift, but the mascara wipes everyone needs to have, because they are just that good and even if you use a regular wipe, most may get all of the mascara off your lashes these are great. Again we found this at

We love the Urban Decay Smoky Eye Palette because you can do a smoky eye for all seasons, or just wear one eyeshadow for your lid, we found ours at

Bronzers, Highlighters, Illuminators.

We decided to try an Illuminator by in Gilded Honey, which gives you that amazing sun kiss glow …

President's Day: Retail Therapy

You are home for a long weekend if you are in the East Coast last weekend you went to grocery stores stood in lines forever to stock up on essentials, then you hauled tons of water and did the snow patrol with sidewalks and steps, checked in on the elderly, you deserve some RETAIL THERAPY!!!!

How can you take advantage of the amazing sales going on NOW!!

1. Good Morning America Winter Beauty Sale going on right now until Feb. 17 at midnight. Until supplies last you can score amazing prices on beauty items from etc. go immediately! I scored on a root touch up product that I was willing to spend 30.00 and got it for half the price!

2. Forever21:
If you are cruising the wall Early this weekend, then check into Forever 21 where you can score always in the back of the store Buy One get One Free! Yes, the marked down inventory is amazing! I scored a chiffon flower skirt with a slip dress for 14.00. The skirt I got so many compliments it was amazing! Check outfo…

Beauty Needs for Valentines Day

Many of you are wondering what will my significant other give me or what should I give him?

But, for me it is all about the prep...


Start now with the amazingly sugar scrubs from highest price point which can be bought at or other fine retailers and on there website or store, then use a great body oil.

We found this works wonders at organic argan oil and when you mix it with bronzing oil it gives an amazing healthy glow to your skin.


Everyday if you don't wear makeup you should cleanse with a micellar water from

Then and light cleanser from followed by a face oil, we love primrose oil, we do this every day, twice a day and our skin feels great and amazing.


Valentine's Day you should begin your day with sugar scrub from tree hut that can be found at or, then heat for 2 min. in the microwave a high quality olive oil and soak …

What's On Trend for Spring

This Spring we are seeing a lot of floral, denim, and military styles.

You may ask so how do I wear these trends without looking like everyone else.

Floral Look:

If you are wearing a single floral skirt then go solid with the top, or if you are wearing a completely embellished floral dress leave it alone and just wear it as is, great options on the lower end are from, mid range options are at, and luxury items we recommend

The Denim:

We see the high rise or Mom jeans are back in style, the deconstructed oversized chambray colored denim shirts that you can wear day or evening. Also, we are seeing constructed denim dresses, that are body con, or scoop neck that if worn with pearls can pass for a great formal first date.

The stores that have these looks are for the lower price point, mid range price is and luxury is They have all of the denim needs in the styles we discussed previously.

Military Style:


NYFW MEN Season 4- Recap

As Skylight Terminal transforms itself for NYFW Women, we had yet another incredible round of shows at NYFW Men.

The theme was functionality with regards to ready to wear, buying it right off the runway, we didn't see any of those looks or that hype.

Designers are more about can a man wear this and would a store buyer give us a purchase order?

Here is our recap:

Nick Graham show which was about Mars and everyone was show up looking "spacey."

The beauty of Nick Graham now covering his shows for the third season straight, is he takes a theme such as Mars and the buyers, blogger,and other press are standing in a room, that looks like we are on the set of Star Wars and makes his clothes impeccably functional and highly tailored.

Bill Nye comes out in a sliver tuxedo jacket with black space ships that are subtle and a wonderfully tailored pant and a Bowie with his signature hat, and you expect silver people coming out.

Our favorite looks are the red satin evening jackets with the si…

Diguise Bad Hair during NYFW

It is NYFW and you just came out of getting a great blow out,  then as you pull up to the first venue, your hair is flat or a wind storm made it look like a bird's nest.Wig or hair piece right,  nope.1. Always have an embellished hair clip, so you can do a side pony tail in a minute. 2. Top knots are still my go to with jewel hairpins,  classy and different.3. Headbands get metallic fabric paint and jewelry from Micheal's with fabric glue  and you are good to go!4. Any side part you will make your  hair look longer than expected.5. Slick back get out the thick pomade and with a water bottle slick your hair back.Those are the tricks to still looking cute during NYFW  even if you have a bad hair day.Cheers!

Beauty Prep for NYFW

By this time your calendar should be booked with shows that you want or need to see.

So how do you prep your face for the step and repeats and the endless photographs.

1. Make sure you use Micellar Facial Cleanser

2. Then a soft gentle cleanser such as Grace cleanser.

3. To tighten pores use a rose scented witchazel that you can buy

4. If your face is dry then use a face oil.

Repeat twice a day.

My personal prep is :

1. beauty flash balm.

2. facial masks for both day and night.

3. Facial Oil is

Hair is a must, my go to is they have a wonderful fluidose which is a deep conditioner that takes the most brittle hair and makes it gorgeous, it opens at 6 am, get their early!

If your are in between coloring, my go to coloring spray is, it does amazing things in terms of covering all roots and it is so gentle and non toxic. All of their products are amazing!

Two days before Fashion Week, get a professional facial,…

NYFW Men: How to Look Like A Star!

NYFW is here starting with the Men next week, then ending around Feb. 16.

So how does a Fashionista look like a star without looking repetitive.

The Basics: Pants

1. Black Pants
2. Dark Rinse Jeans
3. Flare Pants
4. Circle Skirt

With Black being the basic pants you can swap out anything for anything.

Use pops of color such as:
Hot Pink, Purple, Turquoise, for day into evening events.

Evening Events:
Same black or dark rinse jeans now where you get into metallic sweaters, peplum dark jean jackets with gold and silver tone jewelry.

Statement necklaces are really out, but a girl needs a little bling, large hoops always works well with any dresses or any pantsuits.

If you have a simple tote then use it, you will be going on average to 10 shows a day, and make sure you have a reliable tote bag that can handle a change of top and shoes and over course your glam case.

Avoid them at any and all costs. Many people are allergic to scents and if you are not going on a date. Make sure your hygi…

Achieving the Golden Look

We are in the midst of winter in NYC and you are talking about "the Golden Look ."Yeah, I am not talking about bronzer either.Everything begins with skin care so find yourself the best gentle cleanser according to your budget.Next is face oil which is so essential to a soft face or the best olive oil you have.Then take a brown lipstick and  fill out your lips, then take a lighter color I love the Loreal Paris Nude Palate Lip Kit and swipe the light color over your lips. I love Razin blush by MAC that gives your cheeks a St. Barts glow along with a eyebrow highlighter that European Wax Center makes I use it under the eyes as a concealer.Along with mascara you have achieved a great Golden Look even if you are still in NYC or Chicago. Cheers!

Your Definition of Success

You may be unemployed or in a less than glamourous job or field. Let's face it a teacher never won an Academy Award.

I had to figure out if I was successful after my Dad died, my older siblings who are decades older than me have fabulous jobs and are married with children, and who have fabulous social circles and vacation in the Hamptons, Vermont, Hawaii, ski, etc.

So really had to think hard if I was successful, after all I am a "blogger" and those are writers who can't find real jobs or writers who aren't employed at a big masthead.

Well, because of my "blog" I have met some of the most interesting people of my life, I have been to the most amazing events, explored industries that I would have never considered before, while taking care of my Dad.

Being a blogger allowed me at the time when my Dad was alive to spend valuable time with him and hear his wisdom and time travel to the 40's when he was in that era, or great lessons in Sanitation, when h…

Subscription Box Update

The last time we did a
"Battle of the Boxes " it was between Allure Beauty Box and Essence Beauty Box. Essence Beauty Box went out of business. SEE YA! We are have tried Allure,  Target and Walmart, and Net a Porter. Allure had some problems because it appeared that they were recycling product,  with a  perfume and a  particular cosmetic. However,  what actually happened was the perfume maker had 6 versions that they were test marketing to customers. The same for the make up brand. Fast Forward December 2016 in Fine Department Stores was 3 out of the six versions of the perfume. Sold in wonderful gift sets. Also the make up brand everyone was complaining about is now in Ulta Beauty. The reasons for so many customer complaints was people didn't understand that many products are given to the beauty boxes customers to test out before they do a full product launch. It makes good business sense, but most people want what the Editor In Chief has, which are products that they are al…

Monday Motivation: Success

If you are successful, you probably are not reading this,  but if you want to knock it out the park this year:This what you will NEED to do:
1. Don't complain!
2. Don't expect to be spoon fed everything, people will give you a start it is up to you to take the ball and run with it.
3. Don't waste people 's time!
4. Shut up if someone didn't ask you then mind you business!
5. Be grateful and show your gratitude to everyone who has helped you because people don't have to be nice to YOU!
6. Be frugal, but don't be cheap!
7. Have a great disposition on life!No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer!

Monday 's Motivation 2017!

2017 is here!We are not going to tell you how to achieve your goals that is too personal.But what we can tell you:1. Incovience yourself once a week to improve the lives of others, if that means sending a Starbucks Coffee Card to someone you see giving it their all. Or whatever you are inclined to do.2. Remain humble good things are going to come to you, but the key thing is to remain humble. 3. Laugh often, even if it is at yourself,  the best laughs I have had, have been through my own experiences.4. Pray and be optimistic,  life and it's beauty and blessings go on in spite of the news.5. Be flexible,  you are so sure about a deal or a  business and then you find out that you have reached your potential in that area. Take your foundational knowledge and open to future opportunities.6. People are doing the best they can at any given time so cut people some slack.7. Humility begins with gratitude, so count your blessings everyday.8. Enjoy life as much as you can  between working a…